Flyeo selection of paragliders

Flyeo has selected the following paragliders for 2024. They are presented on our Flygram, a diagram that maps each wing against two axes:

  • The vertical axis positions each wing against its most likely intended use from more "Hike" geared towards Hike & Fly down or up to more "Fly" listing wings better suited for on-site and XC flying,
  • The vertical axis positions each product against the pilot level they are suited to. From beginners to experienced pilots.

Want to understand what principles guide our selection? Take a look at the Flyeo guide to selecting paragliding gear.

You already know what you are after or just want some info?

If you already know what you wing you are after and just want some info, a price quote or to order it or if you just want to ask us something to help you select your wing, just drop us a line:

The latest wings we have selected