FLYEO selection of paragliding gear

We are proposing a selection of paragliding gear that we have selected to meet the demand of pilots of all levels, from beginners to experienced flyers across a wide variety of paragliding disciplines from Hike & Fly to long cross country flying. Want to understand what principles guide our selection? Take a look at the Flyeo guide to selecting paragliding gear.


Our paragliding wings


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Our reserve parachutes

The product you are looking for is not part of our selection?

Flyeo product selection is about gear we are familiar with, we have tested or had a chance to evaluate. We are a small team so it is very possible the product of your choice is not one of them. We have, nonetheless, a strong relationship with all the paragliding brands so chances here we can still help! Contact us to discuss your need and we will be happy to help:

The latest products we have selected