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Personnalised advice

Flyeo offers a selection of products for all paragliding disciplines and pilot levels. We provide guidance to help you find the equipment that suits you best.

We carry all the paragliding brands

We offer for sale, in stock or on order, paragliders, harnesses, rescue equipment and accessories from all equipment manufacturers.

Buying guides and articles to help you choose

Flyeo tests all recommended products and provides buying guides and other resources to help you make the right choice.

Looking for a specific paragliding product?

Flyeo product selection is about gear we are familiar with, we have tested or had a chance to evaluate. We are a small team so it is very possible the product of your choice has not yet been listed in our selection. We have, nonetheless, a strong relationship with all the paragliding brands so chances here we can still help! Contact us to discuss your need and we will be happy to help: