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Testing the new Delight 3 from Supair



Fresh out of the box, it is quite evident that the Delight 3 has changed from its predecessor. The materials are well chosen, seemingly more robust, and the original color scheme is in line with the new generation from Sup’Air. I was most anxious to test this popular harness in its 3rdgeneration. I am 5’9” and 170lbs, and the M size was perfect in all its dimensions. The test was under a Volt 3 by Air Design, with an all up weight of 92.5 kilos, including a liter of water.


A static hang check is best to get the trimming right. The backrest, lumbar and speed bag adjustments are all very easily fine-tuned. Great to see all adjustment buckles are made of tough lightweight aluminum. High quality components such as the  large Harken pulleys are a testament to the brand’s commitment to offer a quality product, and attention to detail is everywhere. An added bonus is the tree kit, included to secure oneself in the event of a tree landing. Handy and well placed pockets with loops to secure phone, camera, or any other gadget can be found on each side of the pod. Another welcomed detail is the presence of two zip runners on the rear compartment and cockpit volume, when many manufacturers these days are reducing these to only one. Also, there is a handy compartment under the seat board where extra ballast may be stored, easily up to 5L. The rear compartment is also generous in volume.


Then came the time to add a reserve parachute to the Delight 3. In order to test the size of the compartment, I opted for a rather large Sup’Air Fluid 125. The reserve container system is well thought out, and very straight forward. A large label clearly indicates the steps in putting it all together. A plastic rod is included to help with the reserve loops, making the procedure a breeze. An extraction test confirmed that the Fluid 125 came out with very little effort.

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Slipping into the Delight 3 is without hassle; there are two Cobra brand buckles to secure the pilot in the harness. One clip for the shoulder straps, two for the speedbag (and a 3rdfor the cockpit) and it’s done. Before taking off, I loosened the shoulder straps, lowering the harness in order to prevent it climbing my frame while lifting the wing overhead; giving a better chance for a clean entry.


Comfort is immediately notable. I felt nicely supported by the snug bucket seat, without any pressure points. The backrest is satisfyingly rigid and offers good support, with the possibility of a relatively upright position. Weight shifts work well, although lifting the opposite hip first was needed to be most efficient; as the bucket seat is a little restricting to throw the upper body over first. The Delight 3 offers a feeling of reassurance with its glove-like fit. 


Stability is obviously a strong point with the Delight 3. Turns are maintained as if you were on rails. Most roll is fully absorbed by the deep geometry of the harness, and the absence of yaw or pitch movements was most appreciated. It should be noted that the ABS function on the harness is non-adjustable, for those who might want a more communicative system. That said, opening the chest strap allowed me to attain a better feeling of the air mass, and significantly more effective weight shifts, especially during wing over sessions.


The speed bag was taught and free of wrinkles. The AquaStretch® material used is most definitely wind proof as claimed by Sup’Air. In comparison with other pod harnesses, there was very little air entering the pod during wing overs thrown to the left, as the overlap of the speedbag is from the right. A well placed magnet keeps the whole system closed and air tight. 



The Delight 3 is a pod harness for pilots wanting stability and comfort in a lightweight package. Cross country pilots will be well served. It is also very accessible as a first pod since the seating position can be quite upright. The product is well built, and attention to detail is everywhere.

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Overview :


What Sup’Air says: Lightweight, optimized passive security, and precision piloting

Usage : XC, vol biv

For who : intermediary and advanced pilots, also suitable as first pod harness

Sizes : S,M,L, XL

Weight : 3700g

Positives : stability, ease of entry, great seat board and backrest, well assembled, quality components, generous storage volumes, simple reserve parachute container, security kit (lanyard and carabiner), plastic rod included for the reserve parachute installation, compatible with hydration packs.

Negatives: non-adjustable ABS, bucket style seat may be a little constraining. 


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